Time & requirement

  •  Time: Every 30 minutes during 12:00 -  23:40 every day
  •  Requirement: Characters that reach Lv40 can form a team of 3 members to participate.

How To Play

  •  Every 30 minutes every day during the event, a limited number of Wraith will appear.
  •  Heroes can select the [Time-limited event reminder] icon at the bottom of the mini map to see the number of Wraiths. Open the map to view the marks of Wraiths location.
  •  Wraiths appearing time and location:

         + Great Lake: 12:00-12:40, 15:00-15:40, 18:00-18:40, 21:00-21:40
         + Archosaur Outskirts: 13:00-13:40, 16:00-16:40, 19:00-19:40, 22:00-22:40
         + Dreamweaver Port: 14:00-14:40, 17:00-17:40, 20:00-20:40, 23:00-23:40

  •  During the battle with the Wraiths, if you leave a team, join a team or join a group, you may not get rewards, please avoid these actions.
  •  Rewards of defeating Wraith General (Elite) is double that of Wraith General-Normal


Complete the event to obtain the following rewards:

  •  Spirit Pill
  •  Mirage Stone
  •  Gold Coins
  •  Skill Book-Advanced
  •  R2 Equipment