Dear Heroes,

 According to advanced technologies, the world in Perfect World VNG becomes extremely splendid and vivid. However, to experience them, player should set the options suitable for your needs as well as your device. To manipulate, the player can enters the [Settings] icon on the right corner.

In the Basic Settings, players can customize features such as:

  •         Turn on/off, increase/decrease the volume of music, sound, chat volume
  •         Customize moving mechanism by touching or holding.
  •         Increase or decrease the number of people displayed at the same time on the screen to save battery power.
  •         Lens distance to the character.
  •         And more other options.

Picture Quality Settings:

  •         You can choose Default or other options. Each option gives detail as well as different saturation level.
  •         Additionally, for the graphical options, you can select [Customize] to freely increase or decrease the parameters. If the device is well-configured, the player can increase all selected lines to the maximum, while experiencing the extremely beautiful 60 FPS frame rate.

 Auto-Battle Settings mainly is to support auto-battle functions, you can turn on the appropriate content and skills as you like.

Notification Settings is where you can turn on or off the notification of upcoming activities from the system.Hopefully, some of the above guidelines will be helpful when playing the game. If you have any questions, please send a request to or contact the hotline 1900 561 558 for the support.